Green Wave Audio…

I will try to explain this in a simple way.

We assume that the new sound of the future will also heard by you, as a home theater situation , in a café , a sports field , in a church hall, , mobile, tablet, airports, etc…

Below some comments of some audiophiles :

  1. Beautiful pure sound
  2. THE invention of the century in audio
  3. Purest sound ever heard
  4. Outside you can hear almost nothing of the noise inside
  5. Great propagation of sound inside
  6. Outside noise wears away
  7. Energy efficient system
  8. No more sound distortion
  9. No more harmonic tension

We will explain these statements:

  1. “Green Wave Audio Technology” has a clean sound because all the distortions and harmonic tensions are gone.
  2. A professor in the audio heard “Green Wave Audio Technology” said this is the invention of the century, all current sound systems will be replaced in the future by “Green Wave Audio Technology”
  3. Audiophiles didn’t believe our explanation of Green Wave Audio technology. After listening, they told us they had never heard such a pure sound.
  4. For a test we played heavy music. We went out and shut the doors and windows, outside you could hear almost no sound! A special sensation and therefore the future for e.g. events and hangouts, as noise belongs to the past
  5. If you stay in front of a regular speaker, the sound will partly muted. This is not the case with “Green Wave Audio Technology”. Even if you turn the speakers to different directions and whether you are one or 10 meters, the sound dispersion remains good and constant sound without any loss.
  6. Outside we did a test with equivalent speakers. At the same volume level “Bose 802” sound was boomed off at a distance of 10 meters. Equivalent speaker with “Green Wave Audio Technology” had the same sound at 10m and 60m.
  7. At another comparison we had an amplifier and speaker with 500W music, in a space of about 15 x 15 meters. We heard the sound good, there were a number of ‘dead’ spots where the sound was much less. A speaker with “Green Wave Audio Technology” and 100W amplification gave the same sound, and there were no “dead” spots. Sound was the same everywhere.
  8. All current audio systems create harmonics. For example, in a tone of 100Hz will be harmonics of 200Hz, 400Hz, 800Hz etc. This all costs power and sound, that we actually don’t want to hear. The new invention of “Green Wave Audio Technology” has no more harmonics. That means a huge saving!
  9. All current audio systems, amplifiers and speakers have distortion. Green Wave Audio has no distortion which results in nice clean, suitable for both hard and soft music, classical, pop and rock.

Hearing is believing…